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Next Steps


Using your Checklist

Many of these steps involve using your UC Merced checklist.

For tips on how to how to use your checklist, review this quick tutorial.

You're on your way to UC Merced! 

We are so pleased that you have decided to join us! During the next few months, there are some steps you must take before enrolling at UC Merced. This website will take you through the process step-by-step and provide you with the details you need to know to prepare for the 2021-22 academic year, as well as some general helpful information.

We can’t wait to see you on campus!

On this page:

Step 1: Review Your Conditions of Admission

Fall 2020 First Year Conditions of Admission thumbnail

The Office of Admissions admitted you to UC Merced with a set of conditions that must be met to ensure that your admission offer will remain intact. View the Conditions of Admission for first year and transfer students:  

Maintain eligibility and complete all courses you indicated as "in progress" or "planned" with grades of C or better. If you receive a D, F, W, NP or NC grade, or change your schedule from what you indicated on your application, you must notify the Office of Admissions immediately by completing the "myCourseUpdates" form in Remember to submit your official transcripts and test scores by January 10, 2022.





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Step 2: Accept Your Offer of Admission! (Submit Your SIR)

Statement Intent to Register (SIR)

  • First Year Students (Fall 2022):
    May 1, 2022
  • Transfer Students (Fall 2022): June 1, 2022 

Accept Your Offer of Admissions (SIR)

To accept our offer of admission, you must submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by the date listed in your portal.

Log in to the UC Merced Connect platform, select MyAdmissions, and submit your SIR along with the $250 SIR deposit. You can pay online with a credit card, by eCheck, or complete the required form and send your payment, postmarked no later than the deadline listed in your portal, to the Cashier’s Office:

Campus Cashiering Services
P.O. Box 2450
Merced, CA 95344

You may qualify to defer their $250 SIR payment.

If you did not qualify for a SIR deferment, you can request to have your SIR fee deferred by submitting an appeal.

For questions or concerns, call 209-228-7178. Need help accessing the platform? View this tutorial.


Accept Your Offer of Admission (SIR)


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Step 3: Enroll in Duo

Duo Phone ImageWithin 24 hours of submitting your SIR, you will be prompted to enroll in 2-factor authentication upon signing into any UC Merced service that requires you to log in via the Single Sign-On page (email, platform, etc).

Duo 2-Factor Authentication is designed to make sure that you are the only person who can access your UC Merced account, even if someone gets your password. Duo requires that you provide a secondary means of confirming your identity via your smartphone (the preferred method), a tablet, a landline, or a hardware token.

How do I enroll?

Follow these steps to enroll in 2-Factor Authentication.

How often will I need to authenticate with Duo?

When you authenticate, you can choose to have Duo remember you for 8 hours, but you may have to authenticate more than once per day if you use multiple browsers, computers, or devices.

Have more questions?

Check out the 2-Factor Authentication FAQ for even more information.

Enroll in Duo

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Step 4: Submit Your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR)*

 Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) Priority Deadline

  • First Year Students (Fall 2022):
    May 5, 2022
  • Transfer Students (Fall 2022): May 5, 2022

*If listed on your student checklist

Your SLR questionnaire needs to be completed to ensure that fees are calculated at the correct California resident rate. The information you submit will be used to determine whether you and your parents meet the requirements for California resident tuition as of the first day of instruction of the term.

Many students will have completed this requirement based on how they responded to questions in their UC application. If the SLR is listed on your checklist, you should complete it as soon as possible as failure to submit your SLR or any requested documents will affect your financial aid package and result in nonresident fees being assessed to your student account. Don't wait; this process can be completed before you submit your SIR.


Submit Your SLR

For more detailed information, visit the Office of the Registrar website.  For questions, contact (209)-228-7178 or email


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 AWPE Exam Date

  • Fall 2022: May 21, 2022

Step 5: Take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE)

The 2022 AWPE will be held on Saturday, May 21 for entering freshmen. An exam notification email will be sent in May to students selected to take the exam. Please note that international students should not take this exam. International students and students already enrolled at a campus should check their campus’s website for other test dates and procedures. For more information visit the Entry Level Writing Requirement website.

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Step 6: Complete Financial Aid Requirements

Documents required by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will be listed in your personal checklist in the platform. Documents must be submitted by the priority deadline, or the deadline listed on your checklist, or your awards will be subject to cancellation. Please note that many of these documents (tax transcripts, income statements, etc.) will need to come from a parent.

 Financial Aid and Priority
Documentation Deadline

After you receive your awards:

  • Visit the MyFinancialAid section at
  • Select “Accept/Decline Awards.”
  • Select “2022-2023 Award Year.”
  • All grants and scholarship awards will be accepted for you.
  • Choose which loans or work opportunities you’d like to accept, if applicable.
  • If you are required to complete the verification process, you will be able to accept/decline loans and work opportunities once that process is complete.

If you or your parents would like to apply for a loan, you can visit for detailed instructions.

If you did not submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA):

  • Aid may still be available even though the March 2 deadline has passed. All students will be considered for federal grants and loans throughout the year. Contact our office for assistance. Our school code is 041271.

If you did submit a FAFSA or a CADAA:

  • Confirm that you have included UC Merced’s school code (041271) on the application.
  • If UC Merced’s school code was listed, visit to view requirements or awards. If you do not see any awards, contact the Students First Center for assistance.


Email the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at or call the Students First Center at 209-228-7178.

Complete Financial Aid Requirements

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Step 7: Apply for Housing

You can apply for housing 24 hours after you submit your SIR. To receive priority consideration for your spot in the residence halls, fill out the housing preference form at by the deadline.

CalendarImportant Spring Housing Dates
  • Summer 2022 - TBD: Housing preference form/application opens for Fall 2022
  • Summer 2022 - TBD: Deadline for housing preference form 

Fall Housing Forms / Application

  • First Year Students:
    TBD - 2022
  • Transfer Students:
    TBD - 2022

How much does it cost to live on campus? 

The rates for on- and off-campus housing are available at

Do I need to pay the whole contract amount at once?

No. Although the contract commitment is for a full academic year, you are billed by the semester. You have the option to pay the semester in full (about half the total contract amount), or you can apply for the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) in MyBill at


Apply for Housing

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Step 8: Sign Up for Orientation

New Student Orientation is a two-part experience and is a requirement for all new students. Your Orientation experiences will provide valuable information and activities to help jumpstart your transition to UC Merced.

Build relationships, explore resources, reflect on your goals and learn more about what it means to be a Bobcat!

Reservations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to register your parents, guardians and supporters, as we have a special program designed especially for them. The cost to attend New Student Orientation is will be posted shortly. 

CalendarImportant Orientation Dates
  • July 2022 - dates TBD: Orientations


Orientation Registration

  • Registration opens, Monday,  TBD
  • Registration closes (end of day) TBD

Questions? Email New Student Orientation at


Register for Orientation

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Step 9: Complete Placement Exams, Confirm Your Major, and Register for Classes

CalendarImportant Fall Registration Dates


  • Summer 2022: Your academic advisor will send information about placement exams to your UC Merced email address after you submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). All first year students must take the math placement exam. All first year science, engineering, and pre-health majors must take the chemistry exam. All first year computer science & engineering (CSE) or math—CSE emphasis majors must take the CSE placement exam by November 30.
  • Summer 2022: Your academic advisor will email you recommended courses based on your intended major and placement exam scores.
  • Summer 2022: Online registration for transfer students for Spring 2022 classes.
  • Summer 2022: Online registration for first years for Spring 2022 classes.

Complete Placement Exams

Your placement exam scores, combined with your other academic data, determine your level of readiness in math, chemistry, and computer science and engineering class. These scores allow your academic advisor to place you in the math, chemistry, and/or computer science and engineering class in which you will be most successful at UC Merced.

The deadline for students to take the MATH, CHEM, and CSE placement exams for Fall 2022 is TBD. If you do not take the required exams by the deadline, you will be placed into preparatory-level math, chemistry, or CSE courses required for your intended major.

UC Merced has 3 required placement exams for first year students, in addition to the AWPE:

For more details on these exams, please visit the Bobcat Advising Center site.

Confirm Your Major

OPTIONAL - Change your major (Fall First Year Students Only)

If you are a first year student, you can change your major by completing the major confirmation form. The major confirmation form can only be completed once, so think carefully before changing your major. 

Change Major Form - Closed

Course Registration

You will register for classes on the student portal at a randomly assigned time in July - August 2022. You will register for classes BEFORE attending New Student Orientation. Your advisor will recommend courses based on your intended major, provide how-to resources for navigating the online system, and alert you to other requirements to ensure you are prepared for registration.

You can check your registration appointment time at MyRegistrationTime portal.


View the Registration Guide

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Step 10: Submit Admissions Documents

Transcript Deadline

  • July 1, 2022 (Fall 2022)


  • Final, official transcripts from all high schools and higher education institutions must be postmarked or electronically submitted to the Office of Admissions. For Fall 2022, transcripts must be received by the Office of Admissions by July 1, 2022. 
  • Notify the Office of Admissions if you have difficulties getting your transcripts sent. Check frequently to confirm that we have received your official documents and to review your checklist for any unresolved items.
  • College transcripts are required for all college courses taken, including dual enrollment classes that appear on your high school transcript.
  • If you are an international applicant and have attended school outside of the United States, visit the student portal to view any foreign records the Office of Admissions requires.

Test Score Deadline

  • July 15, 2022 (Fall 2022) 

Test Scores -

  • Official scores for ALL exams and tests you have taken must be received in the Office of Admissions by July 15, 2022 for Fall 2022.
  • You can confirm that we received your official ACT and/or SAT scores by logging in to your UC application. Do this frequently until you have confirmed that all official test scores have been received.
  • If you have sent your test scores to a UC campus and they are not listed, contact the UC Application Center at 800-207-1710 for assistance.
  • If you are an international applicant and have attended school outside of the U.S., please visit the student portal to view any external exam scores the Office of Admissions requires.

Notes for Entering Transfer Students

  • If you reported AP or IB examinations passed with acceptable scores on your application, it is recommended that you have your official test scores sent to the Office of Admissions as a condition of your admission. If AP exams appear on your checklist, they are required, and you must contact the appropriate testing agency immediately to have your official scores sent to the Office of Admissions.

Required Admissions Documents Guide

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Step 11: Submit Proof of Immunization

Proof of Immunization

 Proof of Immunization


  • August 24, 2022 (Fall 2022)

To comply with the University of California immunization requirement, all incoming students are required to complete a TB Risk Screening Questionnaire and Immunizations Form to prove vaccination and/or immunity to measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), varicella (chickenpox), meningitis (under age 22 only) and tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap). You can find these items in the MyHealth portal at We strongly recommend that you meet TB and immunization requirements before you arrive on campus. Failure to submit proof of immunizations and TB compliance will result in a registration hold for the following semester. For more information, visit


Submit Proof of Immunization


Student Health Insurance Waiver

Student Health Insurance Waiver 


  • August 1, 2022 (Fall 2022)

All registered UC Merced students are automatically enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) in order to meet the University of California mandate that all UC students have health insurance coverage as a non-academic condition of enrollment. However, if you have coverage through a major medical insurance plan that meets the University’s minimum criteria for health care and do not wish to be enrolled in UC SHIP, you can waive enrollment by submitting an online waiver application.

Waiver applications can be submitted at during the fall or spring waiver periods. A new waiver application must be completed each academic year in the fall.

Complete the Waiver Criteria Worksheet at to help you gather the information you will need prior to completing the application. 

Semester Waiver Opens Waiver Deadlines Late Waiver Deadline with $50 Fee
Fall 2022 May 1, 2022 August 1, 2022 Mid-August. 2022
Spring 2023 TBD TBD TBD


Submit the Student Health Insurance Waiver

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Step 12: Pay Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate fees will be assessed to your student account in MyBill. You will be responsible for paying the fees by the fee payment deadline. To access your student account, select MyBill after logging in to student portal.

 Fee Payment Deadlines

  • Fall 2022 Deadline: August 17, 2022

How to pay?

Log in to the platform and select MyBill to view the amount you owe. Balances not paid by the payment deadline are subject to a $50 late fee and a hold on your student account.

Payment methods:

  • Online: Credit card and eCheck payments
  • In person: Cash, checks and money orders
  • By mail: Checks and money orders

Financial aid disbursements

Financial aid will disburse (post) to student accounts no sooner than 10 days prior to the first day of instruction of each term. These requirements must be met:

• Generally, you must be enrolled in at least 12 units unless approved for part-time instruction.

• Submit all required documentation.

• Accept all aid before your aid can be disbursed to your account.

Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) offers the option to pay registration fees and on-campus housing costs (if applicable) in four monthly installments per semester. To qualify for the DPP, you must owe more than $500 after authorized financial aid. You must request to enroll in the DPP every semester. The first installment plus the nonrefundable $40 participation fee must be paid at the time you enroll. To enroll, log in to the platform, select MyBill, then select Deferred Payment Plan.

  • Spring 2021 Deferred Payment Options:
    • 1st Payment Due: January 12, 2022
    • 2nd Payment Due: February 21, 2022
    • 3rd Payment Due: March 21, 2022
    • 4th Payment Due: April 20, 2022

Electronic Refunds (EFT)

You should sign up for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) if you are expecting a refund. With EFT, you have the convenience of your refund going directly to your bank account. Those funds will be accessible in 1 to 3 business days. Students who have not enrolled in EFT must pick up a paper check at Campus Cashiering Services. You can sign up for EFT using the Electronic Student Refund link in the student platform.

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Step 13: Move-in Days

On-Campus Residents

Move-in Dates


  • Spring 2022: January 13, 2022. 10am - 8pm 

Move-in Days: New students who are living in on-campus residence halls for Spring 2022 will move in on January 13, 2022 from 10am to 8pm. Check the Spring 2022 housing page for more information, including information about COVID-19 mitigation measures.

What's Included in Your Room

  • 1 twin 5-position adjustable bed with an extra-long twin mattress (80”x30”)
  • 1 desk
  • 1 desk chair
  • 1 lockable drawer (bring your own lock)
  • Under-bed drawers
  • Closet space
  • 1 TV cable jack (cord not included)
  • 1 telephone jack
  • High-speed ethernet jack for each resident (wireless Internet only in Glacier Point and Granite Pass)
  • Wireless Internet

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Step 14: Complete Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Training

All New Incoming Students

VIP  Deadline

  • Attend a training no later than the first 6 weeks of the fall semester

Preventing sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and stalking are top priorities for UC Merced. The UC Office of the President (UCOP) requires that all incoming students complete a Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) training within the first 6 weeks of school starting.

The Campus Advocacy, Resource and Education (CARE) office provides VIP in-person training to bring awareness of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking, bystander intervention strategies and campus resources
You can complete this requirement by attending a session during Orientation or during the first 6 weeks of school. Registration for VIP workshops during summer Orientation is limited.

Additional Information

Visit the CARE website for more details about the VIP program and ways to satisfy this requirement.

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